Schoolworx - Wellbeing module allows school staff and support teams to manage the welfare and safety of all students, their emotional, social and intellectual progress as well as their conduct and behaviour.

Details of concerns and reported issues, along with (both positive and negative) behaviour are recorded and made available to staff on a need-to-know basis in Schoolworx together with appropriate actions and form-letters are available for parent notification.  Mandatory reporting is supported, including automatic email notifications sent to authorised personnel. Additional reports can be added to an outstanding issue if required and reflections from other sources can be added and recorded with an issue.  Relevant staff can be automatically notified when issues arise, and parents can be notified via email, SMS or the parent portal.

Learning Provisions are easily managed, with details about provisions available, and personalised learning plans that are provided for students.

Privileged users can access the student welfare notes and discipline history through the student profile. Issues can be analysed by year, category, severity and action taken.

A separate well-being appraisal system is also available for conducting a review of the welfare of students across the entire school. This system is designed to gain feedback from teachers at a point-in-time, then provide guidance on follow-ups and contact with parents and guardians.